About Us

Welcome to Kiss My Fancy, where quality meets personality in the world of women's fashion!  Our purpose is simple: to provide you with items that are not only chic, unique, and fun, but also lives up to your expectations.  Our mission is to make sure every piece we offer is curated to meet not only your expectations but also our strict standards. Our suppliers are chosen with precision, ensuring that what you see is exactly what you get – a piece of fashion magic that's as enchanting in person as it is online.

Get ready to fuel your fashion senses! We're all about showcasing chic, unique, and fun looks that resonate with your style on our social media platforms.  And, here's the secret to staying in the loop: subscribe to our email list to receive exclusive style revelations that will keep your wardrobe on point and your excitement level at its peak. Consider us your style guides in this fashion adventure.


Kiss My Fancy isn't just a brand; it's a promise. A promise to keep your style elevated, your confidence sky-high, and your wardrobe game strong. Join us in embracing fashion that's as unique and fabulous as you are.

Kiss My Fancy Apparel opened it’s virtual doors November of 2019. We are based in the Kansas City Missouri area, and serve customers all over the United States

About YOU
You exude POSITIVITY and your ENERGY is UNDENIABLE. You are DARING and unapologetically CONFIDENT. Any negativity that comes your way, you vehemently dismiss with a SASSY, yet CLASSY, “Kiss My Fancy!”💋