Started From the Bottom...and I’m Still Here — For Now!

Started From the Bottom...and I’m Still Here — For Now!

Last year I had a vision.  The pursuit of my vision was hurried along by a few mishaps that forced me to sit back and re-evaluate some things in my life.  For some reason it felt like “This is your time to shine!” and “It’s now or never!”  I guess turning 40 does that to a sistah😜  Kiss My Fancy became official November of 2019.  My goal was to be successful, but being new to this “owning a business” game, I had no idea how to go about it.  Despite that, I knew that, eventually, everything would come together.  Everyday I am still learning, and I can see drastic improvement from the start of my business up to now.  I finally have a concept in place and everything is finally starting to make sense.  I must give credit to Jance Chartae.  I ran across her on YouTube last year and I must tell you, she gave me a lot of insight into owning an online store.  I hope to work with her one-on-one one day.  My main goal as a business owner is to provide excellent customer service.  I feel that although I have policies in place, it’s important to treat situations on a case by case basis.  One thing I fear, when Kiss My Fancy moves up to the next level where I have to employ persons to help run my business, is losing that personal touch and good customer service.  My hope is to employ people who understand the importance of customer service and to be able to compensate them for their hard work and dedication.  Yes, I said it, and so it is!  I’m definitely speaking it into existence❤️  Right now I feel so driven and I LOVE it!  Yeah, I can say that I’m still at the bottom with NO shame because I feel so deep in my heart and soul that the actions that I am taking everyday will reap a harvest that I never imagined🌻

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Thats for sharing your testimony. I wish you much success my sisah. God Bless

Cheryl Carey

I personally admire you for being honest about yourself most people feel ashamed for that way,But I wish you nothing but the best on your journey to the top because with your motivation and your determination and God by your side there is only one way up and that is to the top♥️♥️

Schimir Miller

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