Motivation Follows Action

Motivation Follows Action

Happy Saturday everyone!

As we end October with a BANG, we are met with the task of planning for the holiday season. One of the major things we will be doing to prepare is revamping our website. We are so excited about the upcoming enhancements which will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

We are also in the process of shopping for more inventory, so be on the look out for new arrival announcements soon.

Being that we are kinda new to online retail, we are still learning new things about ecommerce and how to satisfy our customers. One thing that we have found to be very important is the return process. With that being said, we are working on incorporating free shipping on returns to make the process hassel free for you. We will also be offering free shipping if you spend over a certain dollar amount.

Finally, can we get a little personal for a minute? I know many of you had plans that were put on pause due to COVID19. Personally, I had planned to be 30 pounds lighter right about now. I had started an exercise regimen right before the pandemic and I fizzled out shortly after it started. All motivation had been lost, but then just recently I got to thinking, "Am I waiting on motivation to get back on track?" Then I thought back to those times where I just decided to take action.  After I took action, THAT is when my motivation kicked in. Nike was definitely on to something when they coined the phrase "Just Do It!" With that being said, starting Monday I will be startng the Insanity workout program. This program is 60 days long, and lives up to it's name. They say that when you profess something publicly, you're more inclined to follow through. I will be sharing my Insanity experience on the website's blog, so tune in if you are interested.


Have a great weekend, and be safe.

Jacquelyn Hollister, Owner 💋

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